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Balmain Hair Fill-in extensions an innovative method of adding volume, colour, structure and length to your natural hair. The Fill-in Extensions are made of high quality 100% human hair. Extensions are connected with your natural hair by using a small bond. They will remain in place for up to 3 – 4 months and will not damage the natural hair in anyway. Balmain Hair offers a great range of fill in extensions, ideal for those who do not want to chemically treat their natural hair. There are 3 different ready to wear textures to choose from (straight, natural straight and wavy)

and a range of 36 colours, making blending in natural looking extensions so easy.

Balmain Extensions are also re-useable if looked after properly. Balmain Hair even gives you a 6 month guarantee on our hair extensions, with the use of Balmain hair after care range.


Double Hair

Double hair is an innovative way to add volume, colour or length to your own hair with endless possibilities. Doublehair is a 9cm wide hand-knotted strip cm 40cm long  human hair and is applied with plusbonds. One doublehair has much hair hair as 18 hair extensions and consists of 3 layers of hair. Double hair is connected with you natural hair by using a small bond. Doublehair is guaranteed for 6 months, when using balmain hair care range. Doulblehair is available in 9 colours and can be coloured in any other colour.

Double Hair Extensions are:


Create an instant undo in 5 different styles. Make an elegant subtle updo or go more extreme and combine them with another Elegance product. The hair is made from memory hair that can hold colour and curls even better than your own hair. Memory Hair can be curled and straightened time after time. The Elegance collection comes in 9 beautiful colour combinations. These colours last longer than coloured human hair.

You can easily apply the Elegance styles yourself or we will fit them for you for that special occasion. The gentle lock clip makes it possible to apply the Elegance product for the day.

The Elegance collection is perfect for Weddings, Proms or just a glam night out!

Balmain Fill In Extensions Half Head Prices Starting From Full Head Prices starting From Extra Full Head Prices starting From
£40 per hour
£40 per hour
£40 per hour
Double Hair Full Head
Removal & Re-Fit
£40 per hour