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Lucy’s Hair Extensions offers a free no-obligation consultation and full aftercare advice, in which i will go through all of your options with you to best suit your needs. I will go through all the aftercare, perfectly colour match and show you how to add flashes off colour if you fancy a change without chemically treating your own hair. I will go through the lengths, textures different application methods and prices in order to make sure you are fully happy before we go ahead with your extensions.
Once we have discussed all your options and an appointment has been made i will require a 50% deposit off you, the amount the deposit is will depend on the style, method and how much hair you require for your extensions. The deposit is non- refundable if you cancel your appointment, however if you re-arrange please give me 24 hours notice and you will not lose your deposit.


I would recommend that you use a clarifying shampoo the morning of your appointment this helps clean all the excess residue off your hair and do not apply any conditioner, however if your hair is excessively dry just apply from mid length to ends as to avoid the bond slipping in your hair. Also if your hair is not straight please try to straighten it as it helps to place the bonds in the correct partings.


Aftercare of your extensions is important to keep them looking their best.
The use of an extension brush is definitely recommended to stop the hair tangling round the bonds, i include this in the price of your extensions.
Wash your hair every 2-3 days NOT everyday as its possible you will lose more hair, dry hair straight away after washing also it helps keep the bonds strong.
Always brush out any knots before you wash your hair start from the ends working your way up, holding your hair at the roots if the knots are harder to get out.
Only condition from mid length to the ends of your hairs conditioner on the roots may cause slippage.
If swimming or going on holiday remember chlorine and salt water can soften the bonds and dry out the hair so always try to shampoo and condition hair thoroughly afterwards.
Do not sleep with wet hair , it is recommended to gently tie up your hair to prevent it tangling up.
General Wear – DO NOT pick at or excessively pull on the bonds as it may result in the extension coming out and your own hair breaking off. It is very common to lose hair when brushing and to lose some extensions. Please note, you naturally shed hair so if your extensions do come out and it looks as though you have lost your own hair (as long as you have not excessively pulled or picked them) its generally dead hair which you would have shed naturally and could not leave the bond so please don’t worry.